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Those of you who are familiar with my books, know that I have tried in the last 15 years to identify each Swiss and German Mennonite immigrant who arrived in Pennsylvania between the years 1709 to 1774. I expanded that search to all Anabaptists (Mennonites) who lived in Switzerland, Germany, France and America between the years 1500 to about 1800. It has been a monumental task. 

This website contains all of the Mennonite genealogical research that I have done in the last 15 years. I have combined the information in my books, Emigrants, Refugees, Prisoners, Volumes I, II, and III, plus added a considerable amount of new information that would have been Volume IV. I am calling these four volumes combined, Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners-2003. Also included on this website is my revised and updated book, The Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany and America, and my unpublished, Shank Manuscript

I have published these books by doing research and writing in my spare time. It has taken years to put some of these families together. The last few years, I have found an enormous amount of records located in Germany with the help of good friends Heinz Sprenger and Uwe Porten, both of Germany. When it came time to publish Volume IV, I decided to take it to the Internet due to the high costs of printing and because I was finding new information weekly from Swiss and German records. I have never made money on any of my books, but I wrote them to share my findings. I feel it is important to know one's past and to remember our ancestors and what they went through. I have been researching on weekends and evenings while holding a full time job, but now I would like to become a "full-time researcher". I can only do this if you and many others like you who enjoy Mennonite history and genealogy as much as I do, become a member of my website. 

The cost of the membership to the website is $59.95, about the cost of just one of my books, but it includes all four volumes of Emigrants, Refugees & Prisoners, The Stauffer book, The Shank Manuscript as well as my research reports which I will post on the website on a regular basis. The $59.95 price is less than the cost to hire a genealogist for two hours of research and yet you are getting access to 15 years of research and thousands of pages which you can download on cd-rom or print a hard copy as well as ongoing research. I do need your help with this project. 

There are many more records both in Europe and America that need to be searched. Please become a member today. 

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The Website will consist of the following topics:
1. Family outlines-- Family genealogies of Mennonite families as well as some non-Mennonite families who emigrated to Pennsylvania from 1709 to 1800 and also Anabaptists who lived in Switzerland and Southern Germany from the early 1500s to about 1800. 

2. Ship lists-- Lists of emigrants with information including date of arrival in Philadelphia, probable number in party, place of departure in Europe and place of settlement in America. 

3. Mennonite lists and letters-- This will include genealogical information from letters written in the 1700s, census lists, refugees lists, prisoner lists, tenant list and tax lists. 

4. Locations-- This will list the different villages in Europe and America and show evidence of which Mennonites lived there and when. 

5. Research reports-- Members will be able to see my research as I am doing it rather than waiting 3 years for a new book as was the case previous to the website. Members of this website will have access to all this information as well as being able to input their ideas as to the next areas of research.

You will receive the following: 

• Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners-2003, including new information on nearly every family listed in my previous 3 volumes. I have also been able to extend back family lines several generation on some of the families such as the Burkholder family of Gerolsheim and others. 

• The revised and updated version of The Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany and Americaand my unpublished, Shank Manuscript

• The long awaited Graff/Groff family outline. German records indicate that Christian Groff of Donegal Township was not the father of "Swamp" John Groff of Martic Township. Find out how they are related as well as new family information on other Groffs in Germany and Pennsylvania. 

• The long awaited Good Family outline 

• A number of documents dated from as early as 1702 relating to Ibersheim and it's inhabitants as well as the surrounding farms and villages inhabited by Mennonites, such as Mückenhäuserhof, Alsheim, Rudelsheim and Guntersblum. The new information has clarified relationships to many of the families that lived in that area from 1702 to 1800, including the following families; Stauffer, Hiestand, Hackman, Berky, Miller, Meyer, Brubacher, Forrer, Seitz, Gochenauer and others. 

• Five new tenant lists in the 1700's for Ibersheim. 

• Records for areas of the Pfalz that did not have Mennonite census records which show the origin of many immigrants who arrived in Pennsylvania, including Neff, Strickler, Stauffer, Ruth, Rohrer, Burkholder, Graf, Hershey and many others. Many of these areas without census records had a number of Mennonite families, included in the communities in and around Zweibrücken, Ruchheim, Monsheim, Altleiningen, Battenberg, Erpolzheim, Assenheim, Schifferstadt, Dirmstein, many farms in the Kirchheimbolden area on the west side of the Rhine River as well as Hasselbach, Streichenberg, Berwangen and more on the east side of the Rhine River and Geissburg, Riedseltz, and Niederröern in Alsace. 

• Updated ship lists of Mennonites who arrived in Pennsylvania between the years 1709 and about 1800. There are a number of changes since the printing of my previous lists as it becomes clearer as to who was Mennonite and who was not. 

• New research reports updated regularly. I will be working on a section which will include burial records of Mennonites found in Germany from the 1600s and the 1700s. I have found over 100 burials alone in Mannheim, Germany church records. I am also working on a 1732 reconstructed "census" list of Mennonites who lived in the different communities in Germany and Pennsylvania. This will be an on going project that will be updated on my website. I am also working on a "Web book" on the Mennonite Congregation of Ibersheim. As I complete a chapter I will add it to the website and when it is complete, members will be able to download it to a cd-rom or print it as a hard copy. And, I am working on a project in which I hope to show the Swiss origin of every Anabaptist Refugee who was exiled from Switzerland from the mid 1600s to 1710. 

On this website you can: 

• Find out which village Georg Kendig lived in shortly before his emigration in 1717. He did not live on the east side of the Rhine River. 

• Find out in which village Marx Oberholtzer lived in shortly before his emigration in 1710. 

• Find out in which village Durs Eby lived in Germany. 

• Find out where the Burkholder family of Kohlhof came from in Switzerland. They were not related to the Gerolsheim Burkholders as previously thought. 

• Trace 1737 Immigrant Jacob Beiler's family back to the year 1575. 

• Trace Bishop Valentine Clemmer's family back to the year 1554. 

• Find out who the Mennonite co-tenant was with Daniel Stauffer at Mückenhäuserhof near Ibersheim in 1710. He emigrated in 1717. 

• Find out which Mennonite families lived at Alsheim near Ibersheim in 1705 and 1719. Several of the families emigrated before the 1738 Mennonite census was taken, so their place of origin previous to their emigration was unknown to family researchers. 

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